Custom Research

The research experts at Sayer Publications offer customized Canadian oil and natural gas merger and acquisition data, as well as financial statistics and analysis for clients.

With numerous oil and natural gas industry publications, and as regular featured columnists in the Daily Oil Bulletin and Alberta Oil: The Magazine, it is clear that Sayer is the recognized expert on mergers, acquisitions and financings. Our custom research can also be found in Ziff Energy Group’s Annual Finding and Development Cost Study.

Our database of information covers all merger and acquisition activity in the Canadian oil and natural gas industry, and consists of individual analysis on a transaction-by-transaction basis for the last 20 years. Furthermore, our research analysts also track public and private financings. This information has endless possibilities for providing analysis in a multitude of ways. Sayer Publications can save you hours of time and money with our efficient and timely custom research. If you need select information on mergers, acquisitions, or financings in the Canadian oil and natural gas industry, we have the answers. Our information is independent, accurate, and current.

Examples of our past work include:

Multi-client studies on:

  • “Rationalization in the Canadian Oil Industry”
  • The use of a separate staff group to manage non-core properties

Analysis of:

  • Financing alternatives for private and public oil companies
  • Executive compensation and performance comparisons for institutional investors
  • Corporate takeovers for a major oil company in support of income tax rulings
  • Reverse take-overs in the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry
  • Oil & Gas Trust Management Contracts

For more information on custom research contact:

Lori Deagle
403.266-6133 ext 225