Why Choose Sayer Energy Advisors?

Exceptional Industry Knowledge and Insight.

Sayer's in-house industry publications ensure that we are current on merger, acquisition, and financing information in the Canadian oil and natural gas industry. Our analysis on the events of every quarter gives us valuable foresight on emerging trends.

Success Driven

We assess expectations against reality upfront, and we structure our contracts for success. We have low work fees and no break fees, meaning that our goal is the same as yours- close the deal for the best price. Our transparent process includes input from the client from start to finish.

Integrity & Professionalism

Sayer Energy Advisors is proud of our reputation for sincerity in all our assignments, and our commitment to confidentiality.

Experienced Senior Team

Sayer’s Senior Advisors are the active participants on every transaction. We bring a diverse background of technical, financial and business skills, including experience in the actual operations and management of public and private oil and natural gas companies, enabling us to have a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs.

Relationship Building

Sayer builds relationships for the future. Our transactions are characterized by personalized service and a commitment to our clients’ satisfaction, while constantly surpassing expectations. We are proud of the fact that our clients often come back to us with future assignments.

Absence of Conflicts of Interest

Sayer Energy Advisors are an independent advisory firm, as the company does not currently engage in securities underwriting or trading.

Corporate Advisory Services engagements include: