The Canadian Oil Industry Financing Listing

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Use Sayer’s Canadian Oil Industry Financing Listing to monitor all the private and public issues in the current month, as well as all financings for the previous two months, including any revisions. Stay current on financial activity and trends in the Canadian oil and natural gas industry with this comprehensive document. The Financing Listing is an invaluable tool to ensure that you are ahead of the competition and on top of the industry with this monthly information. Each issue contains: the type of issue, amount, the market in which the issue was completed plus the issue price, market price, premium/discount to the market price, the dealer/underwriter for the financing, and any dealer/underwriter fees.

From this comprehensive listing of all financing activity, analysis can be made on both the current state of the market and current trends. The Canadian Oil Industry Financing Listing can be used as a competitive tool or as an in-house decision-making document.

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